Affiliate Disclosure

In addition to providing meaningful property insights, LivingSpace recommends property projects that are only in the primary market. We work exclusively with developers and when we refer you to these projects, we are paid a fee.

Being very research driven, we use our resources to evaluate property projects and take on those projects aligned with our data as good investments.

We also recommend other products ad services that we may find useful for property investment and management. Often, we will get paid for recommending these services or products. This is widely know as an affiliate program.

Although we receive a fee or commission for products and services we recommend, they meet our standards as very good in their class. The most important measure we use is this, "would we buy or use these products and services?" In fact, with the exception of the properties we recommend, we're users of almost all the products and services we recommend.


Affiliate Links


When we recommend a product or service as an affiliate, we'll include a link to the company's website called a referral link. When you click on this referral link and then end up buying the service or product, we will receive a commission.

For example, we're referrers for AirBnB. When we refer you to AirBnB's services, we will use a referral link like this:


We recommend these products and services not because of the commission we earn. That would not help establish the trust that we try very hard to earn from you. We recommend them because we believe they could be of real benefit to you.