Look at these two descriptions.

"Our property development is luxury re-defined. It is the first high-rise residential development with a 30-foot waterfall in the swimming pool. Only RM10,000 booking fee. Come home to The Alyna."

"Imagine sitting in lush greenery. Listening to one of nature's most beautiful sounds - running water. A gentle breeze fashioned from the 30-foot waterfall not too far away wraps your body in cool relief. Peace. This isn't a tropical rainforest. This is home to you. This is The Alyna. Visit our sales gallery to get your keys to paradise."

Which one moved you?

If you're like most people, you probably found the second description more interesting. It created a good feeling. The writing style was relaxed. It felt like a conversation you'd have with yourself. It was hypnotic.

The first description is the usual "marketing speak" found in most sales pitches. It does not emphasise the reader.

Creating content that connects with your customers is vital to successful marketing campaigns. How important is the content you produce as a property developer or property company?

High quality, relevant, and valuable information makes consumers more likely to take action which means more sales for you.

The content produced by us on this website alone is a testimony to effective communication. Our lead writer, Ikhram Merican, is trusted by brands such as iProperty, Property Guru, Property Insight, and Star Property to deliver content that moves people towards action.

Let's talk about how we can help inject vigour, enthusiasm, and emotion into all your marketing communications.

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