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Buying your first home or building a property portfolio can be a daunting task.

What to buy? Where to buy? What can I afford? Is it the right time for me? Is this a good buy? How do I gradually build a portfolio?

We're here to help you answer all these questions and more. We'll help you assess your financial health and give you a strategy to buy, invest, and grow your portfolio.

Together with our mortgage, legal and REN partners, you will have access to a complete advisory service to invest right. Customised for you.

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"Before going into property investment, I didn't have much luck with putting my money. Ikhram has inspired me to consider investing in properties and helped finding (sic) one that turns to be a complete success. Everything he told me about the place he recommended turned out to be true.It has exceeded my expectations and I'm considering buying the second one. His knowledge, experience and long term vision made me select the best option"

- Awad Ahmed, ICCS Engineer & Property Investor

Get your customised strategy for building a property portfolio. Pull the trigger and get in touch.