Kiara 163 - Above & Beyond Convenience

Kiara 163 is located at the heart of Mont Kiara - situated near the start of Jalan Kiara, in between Plaza Mont Kiara and Arcoris, and opposite 1 Mont Kiara. It is developed by YNH Property Berhad, a developer with a decent track record. We have a limited number of apartment suites for sale in Block B.

What We Love About Kiara 163

This project has an explicit lifestyle concept within a location that has dominates for lifestyle. Mont Kiara is coveted for it international schools, international cuisine, great cafes and bars, high-end supermarkets, and trendy crowd.

Building Profile.png

Kiara 163 amplifies this with a retail park that is managed by a master in the retail space scene. It already has tenants like Jaya Grocer, Chili's, Madam Kwan's, Rakuzen, and Urban Retreat Spa. The apartment suites have direct access to the retail park.

There is a SOVO within the project which is already sold out. More importantly, this indicates jobs within the project, which in turn means a strong tenant pool. Its proximity to Plaza Mont Kiara and 1 Mont Kiara further strengthens the tenant pool.

What's The Downside?

The apartment suites have a commercial title which means higher utility bills. International buyers will need to use a company to buy the units.

The apartment suites are bare - no built-ins or furnishing. Air-cond points and lighting points are included though.

Want To See The Project And Learn More?

We'd love to tell you more about the project and share with you the developer's jaw dropping package (no exaggeration).


Please fill in the form below for a face-to-face tour of the project with us. Not sure if you can buy? We’ve got you covered. During out face-to-face session, we’ll help you with the financial roadmap. You will not be wasting anytime with us.