Ever wonder why some homeowners are able to sell their properties fast?

Or why some buyers are sold on a property barely after putting one foot in the entrance?

Or why your neighbour was able to sell his house at a ridiculously high price when other sellers are going below market value?

The answer is simple.

Their presentation was superior.

They cut through the noise and created a high perceived value through powerful presentation. Whether it is done intentionally or unintentionally, good presentation sells.



An overwhelming majority of house buyers are influenced by presentation

Case Study #1:

One of our clients thought his studio apartment's selling price was worth 29% above the market average. We looked at what he had done with the apartment and agreed. However, his agents had a tough time selling it at that price. After major changes to how his property was presented in the marketing, it was sold at his asking price within 10 days.

Case Study #2:

By simply tweaking the title and photo of an amenity, we were able to increase AirBnB bookings for some of our apartments by as much as 15%.

Slide to see the before and after pictures below. Where would you rather stay?

Research consistently shows that buyers are influenced by presentation. How a product is packaged, presented and marketed is as important as the product itself.

That's why Apple products sell so well.

And this applies to selling properties as well.

We've helped clients who were struggling to sell their properties for years flip their properties in a matter of weeks through a systematic approach.

For a very reasonable fee, we'll help you stage your property, prepare an outstanding presentation brief, hook you up with the right negotiators and most importantly get your property sold or tenanted fast. That's our value proposition to you in a nutshell. 

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