How to Buy Your First House, Grow Your Portfolio, and Become a Savvy Property Investor

Buying your first house or investing in property can be daunting. There are so many bases to cover. Where do you start?

Here of course :-)

You'll find most of your questions answered here. We've categorised the information into 3 segments for:

  1. First time home buyers

  2. Property Investors

  3. Foreigners interested to buy property in Malaysia

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You can scroll to the segment that is a best fit for you or you can go through all the information and insights provided here. Either way, this is your starting point for a better, more informed journey into the world of real estate. What're you waiting for? Come, dive in.

How to Buy Your First House


Buying your first house is probably one of the most exciting purchases you ever make. Looking at different properties, imagining what you'd do with them after getting the keys, and planning for the future can be fun.


This is the easy part.

There's also plenty of other tasks to successfully own a home. The process of buying a house is complex but not very difficult to understand. We've written plenty of articles that cover these bases.

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  2. 5 Things You Must Do When Shopping for a House

  3. How to Buy a House: 12 Dumb Mistakes to Avoid

  4. 5 Things That Can Go Wrong When Buying a House from a Developer (and How to Avoid Them)

  5. The Fresh Graduate's Guide to Buying Property

Property Investment 101


Ready to become a property investor? Or perhaps you're new to this and want to hone your skills? 


This section will prep you with the fundamentals. You'll discover that property investment can be safe and rewarding if you know how to do the math. Many of the insights here are contrarian but rooted in common sense. Get a hold of these basics and you're on your way to refining your investment acumen.

Ready. Get set. Go.

  1. The 18-Year Property Cycle

  2. Will Property Prices Go Up Forever?

  3. The Smart Investor Model

  4. How Liquid Are You?

  5. These 2 Skills May Give You an Unfair Advantage In Property Investment

  6. How to Make Money From Property Investment as an Employee

  7. Exposed: 5 Property Investment Strategies You Should Know About

  8. Learn How Good Renovations Will Change Your Returns

  9. How Risky Is Property Investment (and How to Mitigate the Risks)

  10. Paying More to Reduce Your Mortgage Tenure May Be a Bad Idea

Buying Property In Malaysia for Foreigners


Malaysia has one of the most liberal property ownership regulations for foreigners in the region. Real estate here is relatively cheap and delivers good value performance.


Good infrastructure, well-planned strategies, affordable healthcare, beautiful attractions, and low cost-of-living are just some of the reasons why Malaysia is viewed as an attractive real estate investment destination. Of course, capital appreciation is also attractive here. 


Interesting? Find out more in the articles below. 

  1. 6 Reasons to Buy Property in Kuala Lumpur If You're a Foreigner